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CHP Business Impact Scenarios

Explore these tailored insights into how Combined Heat & Power (CHP) can revolutionize a hotel's energy landscape and claim your complimentary personalized CHP Business Impact Scenario by filling in the form below.

Highlights Include: ​

  • $46.6 million Ten-Year Value of CHP resulting from cash flows from energy savings and increased asset value for a hotel in California.

  • Over $140,000 increase in EBITDA during the first year from energy savings for a hotel in Florida.

  • $23.3 million asset value increase for a hotel in Boston by cutting energy costs.

How Will CHP Impact Your Business Performance?

Simply fill out some basic information and we will create a customized CHP Business Impact Scenario at no cost to you.

That's better than a free breakfast!

CHP Business Impact Scenarios use current energy data to make projections and exclude financing and incentives to estimate the Internal Rate of Return and Ten-Year Value. These figures are preliminary estimates, with more accurate projections to be determined by the Combined Heat & Power Primary Energy Accelerator.

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